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Confetti Party



Freestyle United converts your wishes into a completely customized event. We take care of your concerns regarding the organisation, location, decoration, implementation of the program_cc78 -136bad5cf58d_and all other things that come with an event.

An event can be made completely in the house style of your brand!


Commercial or social, sporting to festive, entertainment of educational, Zbbdecc-31945-cb_United_Concert your event




In a footballevenement of Freestyle United shine (inter)national street footballers' demonstrations with unbelievable freestyle soccer playerscc3194 -136bad5cf58d_take on the champions in 1 vs 1 panna football matches.

A complete football program is prepared with a choice of different football attractions such as: a panna cage, speedometer, hole goal, football dart, footpool, bubble football & meer. We also take care of the music and occupation.


Football events are most booked by football associations.




A program with the best urban workshops. Make a selection from our sports, music, dance. self-defense and creative workshops and provide youth with a unique experience in which they discover their hidden talents. 

  • Sports: Freestyle Football & Basketball, Fitness, Freerunning, Rugby & BMX. 

  • Music: DJ, Rap, Vocals & Beatbox

  • Dance:  Breakdance & streetdance

  • Self-defense:  (Kick)boxing

  • Creativity: Spraying graffiti


Mention in your request your selection of workshops. Workshop days are most often booked by schools and foundations.

Ice Cream Cones


A birthday soon or a big party planned for a few hundred people? 


With an experienced team in giving big and small parties Freestyle United is ready to take your worries off your hands.



Freestyle United takes care of the organization for competitive events such as:

  • Sports tournaments and competitions: Think of football and basketball tournaments, FIFA tournaments and, for example, a sports day.

The possibilities in the different types of tournaments and competitions are great. With our network we are able to organize all kinds of competitive events.



Freestyle United gives the standard business events an urban jacket. Every company is different and deserves its own approach.


Curious about what we can do for your company outing, company party or team building event? Tell us more about your company and we will be happy to surprise you!

With events you touch people's emotions, there is real contact and it can be completely customized in the house style of your brand. The feeling that you yourself have from your idea is what you can transfer to your target group through this wonderful way.

Freestyle United is a creative agency that realizes idea into fully catered events. We create event concepts in both commercial and social areas with the tools that appeal to today's generation. We follow the latest trends and developments to bring your target audience and today's popular tools together at creative events.


Based on your wishes, objectives and core values, Freestyle United  organizes events from A to Z, we support  existing events or we take_cc781905-5cde-3194-bbderol58-136 gladly with our motivated team on us.

Our events are suitable for brands,  organizations, companies, education, municipalities, (sports) associations, foundations, individuals and meer .

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