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Zieren Events is an urban culture marketing, entertainment and events agency that focuses on reaching and activating your target group through   urban related communication tools.


We get our satisfaction from creating diverse concepts in which your message is conveyed in a creative and effective way. Freestyle United attaches great importance to quality and that is why our largest range is demonstrably top-notch at both national and international level.

Zieren Events was founded by Nick Zieren, the 1st official Dutch champion Freestyle Football. Under the watchful eye of 2.5 million Dutch people, Nick was invited to pay tribute to Princess Beatrix during her official farewell party.

In 2013, the football-related event agency Zieren Events was founded and Freestyle United is the ambitious sequel that has been positioning itself as a complete creative agency since 2019 with a strong team. Nick has been active in the event and entertainment industry since 2007 as an artist and as a company since 2013. These experiences are therefore included in the realization of our current assignments.

Below are some highlights.

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